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We feature shoutouts on our Blog , Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Linkedin Profiles selectively besides our Instagram accounts. There is a huge need for Talent at our Events and Parties. We reach more than half a million through our Social Profiles and Blog.  Just started the Bindassparty Instagram profile and we would love your support to make it grow. So if you are sending shout outs to other Instagrammer profiles, send directly to us too on arvindra@bindassparty.com. Currently our Editors pick the Instagrammer to feature. We will get you reach well beyond instagram and modeling and event hospitality assignments too.

Girls? if you want shoutout and more across social media  ? Dm ur HD Pics. BindassParty Instagram @bindassparty

Girls? if you want shoutout and more across social media  ? Dm ur HD Pics

Model and Event Talent with ModelinTown

We Partner with Modelintown an Internal agency in India, UAE, South Asia,Europe and USA to provide Models for shoots. Event crew is managed by us directly.


Become an Affiliate to Earn money and have fun too, You can earn by getting hired as Talent for an event or simply refer people to us who want to create an event or  Party. We share any earnings from this with you . Imagine if you party 12 times a year and you get them all booked through us . You could get 2 or 3 free for yourself. Now how cool is that !

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